Monday, January 11, 2016

Remembering Roots ~A Trip to my paternal GrandParent's village ...

Relationship I had with my paternal grandparents growing up wasn't physically a close one for most of the time. Since my father was serving country, was in Indian Air force, we were frequently traveling all over country most of our early childhood. But every summer we make it a point to go back home where my both sets of grandparents and most of our extended family is from. We would split our summers between both sets of grandparents and families.

My Paternal granddad had passed away when I was about 4 or 5 years old and I do not remember anything much about him. Relationship I built with him is through the stories I had heard about him. My Paternal grand mom.. I would see her once every year during summer, until she moved in with us when my dad was posted closer to home. She lived with us for short period of time until she passed away. I remember her as a independent strong willed women. One who would take pride in what she does and would not depend on anyone for anything.

Since both my grandparents left us very early in our lives.. and most of my dad's sibling moved away to bigger cities, slowly our relationship with their village kind of distanced off physically.. But inside me I still love my grandparents ancestral home and make it a point to visit every time I visit India. Though that house now belongs to my uncle(Dad's brother) and their sons( my cousin brothers). I have my heart attached to this place and I cherished this opportunity  to take my kids to visit this place, so they feel connected, learn and cherish their roots.

It was H-O-T and muggy day.. 
We were soaking wet in our own sweat within minutes we got out in open..
My kids would complain, I thought so.....
Long drive .. in this kind of weather.. I was not so sure how they were going to react.
But they made me so proud, as they enjoyed every second we spent there... and looked beyond weather and comfort aspect !

Kids were told that first stop will be to meet their Great-grand Parents and pay respects...
My mom helping kids pay respects in traditional way!

Moments seem as ordinary as they look ..
But what they mean are priceless...
Taking us back to our roots!

My Dad showing the farms he used to own at one point of time.
Though by profession he retired as Squadron Leader from Indian Airforce,
he takes pride in being raised as a son of a farmer and maintained these farms for years!

Kids are already loving it and absorbing it all....

My last visit here was around 12 years back..
So I was little anxious, was not sure what to expect.
Is it because I was probably thinking things might  have changed around here..
Change is good.. But change which is geared towards changing your past memories.. might be heartbreaking!
Heart was pounding high as we were closing in towards village ..


Finally reached our ancestral home..
It was so heartwarming to see that not much has changed..
and here I go.. I fell in love with this home all over again!
Those walls and those doors
Those windows and those shingles..
And those clay walls which still standing high for around 200 year!
I fell in love with this home all over again...
Should I click.. or
should I admire..
Should I recap my memories.. or
should I capture this moment for future..
There sure was confusion in my mind and tears in  eyes..
as my heart and soul  fell in love with this home all over again....

Sitting here with my Dad and kids, which used to our outdoor play room where we cousins have spent hours playing board games every summer I visited as a child!

and this open well....

 There are other relatives from my dad's side who still call this village their home. We made a surprise visit to one of our Uncle's place. Some of the captures below show gesture of their love and affection.

My Uncle with me and my mom! 

My Aunt hunting for some garden treasures to please my daughter!

My Aunt graciously let me shoot her, along with her kitchen!
Love her open kitchen

Garlic Pods hung in open so they dry!

Rangoli powder holder..

Some other members of their loving family!

Cutest of all!

My grandparent's ancestral house which is around 200 years old, still is part of our family. Belongs to my uncle and his sons. Like all of us they have moved away to larger cities.. Only visit here occasionally. When we visited, house was locked and we couldn't go in. But hopefully next time I can go inside and when I do, I  promise to continue this post  taking you on the tour of  inside of our ancestral home. 

Images Source: All Images are taken by me, capture my family and are from home(s) belonging to my family. These pictures are property of Rangkatha. Please, do not use them.