Saturday, October 17, 2015

Arrival of my stone Ganesha and Nandi ~~

Arrival of Ganesha & Nandi

Any Handicrafts .. they rob my heart...

But nothing beats "Stone Sculptures", and that too amazing granite stone sculptures.

Thinking of "Stone Sculptures", first thing that comes to my mind is the amazing granite stone sculptures of South Indian Temples. That amazing sculpture making architecture cannot be described in words. Especially one from Pallava style sculpture making.The sculptors who have been carrying this rich culture and tradition of carving, uses Vaastu Shastra as well as mathematical precision for the execution of such exquisite and beautiful sculptures.

This summer, I was able to exploring and admire this style of sculpture making even further. I visited many temples depicting Pallava style of architecture, which I plan to share in my subsequent posts.

But today's story is about my unexpected encounter with Pallava Style Stone Sculptures. During our road trip to our native villages (My Grandparents home town), in Telangana-India, I found sculptors practicing Pallava style sculpture making, in their street side workshops. I have not seen this art technique being practiced in this part of India. Next thing I know is that I had stopped to explore more.

Here is their workshop cum store

Idols were in various sizes and shapes, mostly made for temples, but some were for homes & gardens as well. Each one of these were unique and I loved them all.
But there was this Ganesha statue tucked in the corner. I knew in my heart that this was definitely the one I wanted to take home.

I also knew for sure that this was not going to be a trivial task to bring him along to USA, from all the way where he stood. I probably would have to pay many times more than the price of statue itself, and ofcourse I have to first convince my family that I am not crazy to think what I am thinking. Even though i was OK with first two, question still remains is how am I going to transport 100+ kgs about 3 feet Idol from the spot where it stands, specifically as I was on a road trip at that time for different purpose and was not equipped to carry heavy.

Well... As I had my heart set on this, I decide to buy and then let Ganesha decide how he wants to travel back home with me:)

Growing up in India you know that you cannot and don't buy anything on street without bargaining. But looking at the beauty of this sculpture, hard work that went into making it and living conditions of these very much talented sculptors, I didn't have heart to bargain.

I wanted to buy this one not just because of its beauty but to do little I can, to support these artisans.

Any statue that leaves their shop get nice traditional farewell. So did my Ganesha .
Now he's here along with Nandi, at my home almost 9000 miles away from the place I first saw him. There went in lots of panning and efforts from my parents in India, in shipping this statue to me and this statue of Ganesha will remain my favorite handicraft collection of all the handicrafts I have collected so far or one I am going to get in future." Ganesha and Nandi, arrived just in time for Ganesha Chaturthi! Now they sit in my garden blessing my home!

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