Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Container Garden Ideas

Here are some assorted container garden ideas... Get inspired and get to potting !

Using galvanized containers

Take advantage of seasonal sales at your local nursery, and stock up on popular plants. Keep them in their nursery pots, and display them in galvanized buckets on the porch until you are ready to plant them in your garden. Recreate this look with gerbera daisies, salvias, shasta daisies, daylilies, and sweet potato vines. 

Grow bulbs in Containers

This is a great way to get lots of punch from just a few dozen bulbs. You can move containers to wherever you need color on a particular day, be it your front door, porch, steps, or patio. As soon as the bulbs finish blooming, plant them in the garden.

Snapdragons, Penny Violas, Tulips, Parsley and Ivy

Add height to your containers with showy snapdragons. They pair well with a mixture of Penny violas, tulips, parsley, and ivy.

Collard Greens
Easy and Versatile Collards can be grace to you porches with their showy leaves. A cousin to Kale and Cabbage, there nutritious leafy greens thrive in the cooler weather of fall and early spring.

Evergreen and Annuals

Pair colorful annuals with an evergreen for an established planting that can still change from season to season.

Mixed SucculentsUse plantings to enliven your outdoor table. This shallow bowl of mixed succulents makes a great centerpiece.

Tiny Succulents

Use containers to fill bare spots in your garden. This concrete planter, tucked into a planting of dianthus, is filled with tiny textured succulents.


Mandevillas in containers twine through this railing on a rooftop deck. Reveling in hot weather, 

mandevilla can grow more than 10 feet a year.

    WoW Violas and Pancies

    Repeat your plants in containers and flowerbeds. Pots of violas climb these front steps, seeming to spill out into the flowerbeds for a lush, fluid look.

    Raised UrnsElevate your containers for impact. These raised urns are filled with pink verbenas and white bacopas.


    Keep more invasive herbs, like mints, contained in pots in your kitchen garden to keep them from growing unmanageable

    Basket Impact.

    Hang your baskets in unexpected places. A hook installed in a tree branch holds this basket featuring
    a sensational combination for the shade.

    Potted Topiaries 

    Combine several English ivy topiaries and a clipped lemon cypress to accent a garden table. 

    Mix spirals, globes, columns, and lollipop shapes of varying heights. Unify the look with terra-cotta pots. 

    happy potting!

    Images Source: Most are my pictures and belong to Rangkatha. Other's not tagged as mine are collected from different sources.