Sunday, January 3, 2016

Happy Second Birthday, Rangkatha !!

Two year!!! Yes, time sure files. Its been happy and creative 2 years since I jumped into blogging world. I am here today to celebrate this milestone with you'all who have been "THE" inspiration in this creative journey of mine!

Firstly, I'd like to Thank you for accepting Rangkatha with all the love and appreciation and its been an wonderful experience. In these past couple years, we've celebrated home decor, garden, nature, photography, travel, seasons, festivals, art and artists and the everyday life, right here on Rangkatha!!

Starting Rangkatha is one of the best things to have happened to me and is been my channel of creative outlet by sharing my love and passion for home decor and art of any form. Between, being a mom raising my family and having a challenging and demanding career I often find myself running behind on following first rule of blogging - being on top of things at the right time. There are times when I cannot catch up and I have to reminding myself that Rangkatha is my stress buster so take a chill pill and don't stress over it! I cannot be at my creative best by stressing over it.

Thought behind starting Rangkatha was to share my experiences by showcasing my creative side. Something which I wanted to do when I can find some time, has turned into something which I do by creating time and I find myself learning more by each passing day as I've come to realize that Rangkatha has grown to be much more than just my creative outlet platform. Its been a color and decor inspiration space for my readers! Your appreciation is my very source of inspiration which has pushed me to go an extra mile to learn and implement techniques of blogging, photography, writing and showcasing in a way to capture interest of my readers!

Decor is been my love as long as I can remember, but now I love sharing this love of mine and this has been the most wonderful experience for my artistic soul. The emotion of styling, photographing, writing, sharing, meeting and interacting with like-minded, creative folks and making special bonds with them, has been the most nourishing experience.

But above all best part of Rangkatha has to be you all, my wonderful set of readers who inspire and encourage me to put my creative best forward.
Thank you all fabulous people, for all your love.
Truly without you, without your unconditional love, Rangkatha would not be what it is!

Love you all!

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