Sunday, July 20, 2014

Labadee, Haiti - Summer Travel 2014 - I

One of the best parts of summers are family vacations we take, leaving behind the fast-paced life we otherwise have. Take a break, layback and spend some real quality time with family with no real need to check on time or tight schedules to follow.

This summer we decided to cruise into warm, blue, pristine waters of Western Caribbean with very impressive itinerary.

This vacation was all we wanted and exactly the way we wanted. We in our family are ocean lovers.. well.. who isn't? During this vacation we visited 4 Islands in 6 days. As you can see it was aggressive schedule still in the end we emerged much relaxed and revitalized in every way and you will know soon as to why.....

Since we had less than a day to spend on each of the Island, we decided to spend our time wisely mostly concentrate on exploring what unique each of the Island has to offer...

Our first stop was Labadee, Haiti.

Labadee is a port located on the northern coast of Haiti. It is a private island leased to Royal Caribbean International until 2050. Royal Caribbean International has contributed the largest proportion of tourist revenue to Haiti since 1986, employing 300 locals, allowing another 200 to sell their handicrafts on the premises.

Since this Island is private for only Royal Caribbean customers and very little local population actually lives on this Island, it still is maintaining its pristine feel in its complete form and you can feel that from the time you land on this Island. Below are some of the views of this beautiful Island seen through my lens.

This part of Caribbean is known for its white sandy beaches with perfect blue waters... What can i say more than what is not already said about Caribbean beaches... Picture Perfect!!

Beautiful beaches surrounded by tropical landscapes....

Gulmohar Tree, in its full bloom phase with red flowers, one of my favourite tropical tree! After leaving India this is the first place I am seeing Gulmohar. Starting my vaccation with the view of Gulmohar (Scientific name: Delonix regia)was a real treat to my eyes and senses.
On the right is the Almond Tree.

Neem tree (Scientic name: Azadirachta indica)is native to India, can be grown in any tropical weather. But Neem on the beach is first time to find!

Relaxing with my feet up, in the shade of Neem tree, with breeze from ocean, enjoying picture perfect views, with some Caribbean music flowing from live band on the beach... was a perfect way of relaxation!

My little princess could not resist gathering all the treasures she could find...

And I was able to find my treasures... Local Handicrafts!!
Walk through local Artisan's Village was another treat for my senses, to be able to see and admire artifacts made of Mahogany wood!

I had to dust off and bring back my skills of bargaining to survive in this market.Well... this reminded me of shopping back home in India, where more than shopping its the accomplishment of saving few pennies by bargaining is what gives the sense of shopping satisfaction. This shop keeper got hold of my bargaining skills and learned pretty soon to price his stuff right!!!

In the end we collected our treasures, memories and left Labadee with tons of precious moments to cherish for life!!!

Until I see you again with my next Island vacation details.. Have a wonderful week!


PC: Pictures clicked by me, and belong to Rangkatha. Do not use them without prior permission.