Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee's Kolkata Home!

A Designer's home...

Designer Sabyasachi’s Kolkata Home Is Full Of 

Passion And Perfection. That old world charm..

Just Like His Designs!

When you think of Indian bridal and wedding couture you immediately think of one person –  Sabyasachi Mukerjee. Looking at his designer clothes you would know his style. His Home speak volume of his style as well.. 

 So,  when I saw this post on Arch Digest, Mukherjee's Kolkata house tour I was all over it. Of course these wonderful vignettes, but the energy you can feel in this space is just amazing!

This terrace top garden .. I can die for!

A dressing table from 1960 with potted plants.

Objects, curios and memorabilia in one corner of Mukherjee's terrace garden.

A mixture of furniture from Russe Exchange, Kolkata and Mukherjee's parental home.

 Art from the Sabyasachi Art Foundation and works by Dhruvi Acharya in the dining room.

Kitchen with open and distressed cabinets.

 Writing desks and dining tables set with crockery from Kalighat.


Old books, perfume bottles and plants adorn the house everywhere.

A corner of living room with old rugs, antique textiles and old world charm barrel lamp.

A masculine bedroom with minimalist arrangements and ajrakh bed linen.

Images: Architectural Digest