Wednesday, January 1, 2014

About RangKatha ~ Tales of Colors, Crafts and Decor

Rang means "Color" and Katha means "Story"

Whenever I come across things which fascinate artist in me I have to add them to my collections at my home or in my garden in some or the other form and immortalize them.

Very often I do come across things of such beauty which I cannot add to my collection of things but I do add them to collection of my memories and love to share with my family and friends.

Lately I have been thinking of more better ways to capture my thoughts, ideas and creativity in a way so I can share them not only with my family and friends but also with like minded people especially who are equally turned on by colors, designs, art and architecture and immortalize these ideas for ever.

What can be better than blogging away your findings and thoughts!

My caption does says it all.. yes my blog will be collection of tales (short stories), these tales could be..
            1) As simple as capture of morning sun inside my home.
            2) As gorgeous as colors of my garden at its peak.
            3) As inspiring as stories of art forms and artisans who have been preserving age-old traditions and art forms.
            4) As dear as stories about weavers of my all time favorite saree from my wardrobe
            5) As mind blowing as architecture of Temples, Mosques or Churches or as exiting as science behind that architecture
            6) A stress relieving and heart felt satisfaction feature with Do-It-Yourself creation.

So really it is about anything that touches artist in me, anything that makes me happy and alive.. and you must have already guessed it by now.. so its needless to say that list is endless !

Prasanna Tummala
(Author and Illustrator of RangKatha)