Tuesday, June 24, 2014

H-O-T yet Happy Summers ~~

In my part of the world its time to welcome summer with open and happy hearts! Officially we are into fourth day of summer!

Growing up in South India, I can tell you how H-O-T summers can get! Those were days with no air conditioners and erratic electricity supply... Even with all that, I never realized that summer days were that HOT! Until recently when we visited India during summer and I have to hear my kids complain that Indian summers are HOT n Humid and they prefered to stay inside the house confined to the room with Air Conditioner.

Now if I go back on my memory lanes trying to recollect how my summers used to be..I can only remember "Happy Days"...

Schools coming to an end with fun projects to submit...

Hearing results of your year long hard work at school used to be the most exiting thing..

Almost three months of school holidays..

Visiting my grandparents village.. and meeting all of my extended family of Aunts, Uncles, and Cousins who will also be visiting my grandparents around the same time..

Playing with my cousins in the lush green village backdrops..

Eating plump ripe mangoes, plucking right from the tree....

Not just mangoes.. all kinds of summer fruits, right from the trees..

Quenching our thirst with cold water from flowing streams..

Decorating our hair with garlands of Fragnant Indian Jasmine (blooms only in summer)...

Enjoying the feeling of getting drenched in the monsoon rains and enjoying the smell of first droplets of monsoons hitting dry and thirsty earth!

Enjoying evening dining with whole family on the front porch looking at the magical fireflies in the distance ..

Sleeping on the rooftop of house at night with cool breeze of air from Neem trees around along with lingerining freagnance of Tree Jasmine breezing through your face on hot summer nights.

Enjoying never ending bedtime stories from elders of the family..

Waking up to fresh breeze, droplet of rain here n there falling on your face and helping to beat morning heat, birds chirping, rooster's cock-a-doodle-doo, and moo moos of cows.. or ba-ba's of sheeps..

I have enjoyed and lived every moment of my childhood summers to the fullest .. after all, summers are here only once a year.

These memories of my summer are so very dear to my heart that they always managed to breeze away H-O-T and H-U-M-I-D out of my summers ....

Now, in the place I live, summers can get really hot as well.. but as I have always enjoyed my summers, this time around is no different. Summers are always fun, though now I enjoy summers for very different reasons. Foremost is that my garden is in full blooms this time of the year!

So my dear readers, as I welcome my summer this year here are some of captures from my home with my all time favourite summer flowers - Roses, Indian Jasmine, Chrysanthemum, Daisies and of course Sunflowers!!!

Wishing you all wonderful rest of the week ..


PC: Pictures clicked by me, are from my home and belong to Rangkatha. Do not use them without prior permission.