Friday, June 20, 2014

Beauty of all times....

As I continue to share flora and fauna from my home, here goes another share from my garden... Roses.. Beauty and Love of all times... Rose is one of such flowers which makes me feel close to India, as it flourishes in the weather where I live now in a similar way as it does in tropical weather of India..

Rose garden at my home was my Mother's day gift from my Husband few year back! Yes, instead of buying me a dozen roses he gifted me with more than dozen rose plants, all well planted in the ground. After few years now its a very well matured Rose garden, though I end up replacing couple casualties of winter each year..

My rose garden is my pride and love. I have been wanting to share my roses here on Rangkatha and while that post is getting ready here are some shots of those cut roses incorporated into my decor...

Happy Friday !!!


Images: Taken by me, are from my home, are property of Rangkatha and are subject to copyright.