Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Relaxing Getaways - I (Satori Villa - Tucked in the Beauty of Sri Lanka!) ...

End of school years are busy times in our house hold with end of school year activities of my kids. Its just not end of year for academic school, its end of year for their music, swim and sunday schools as well. So assessments, recitals, swim meets and school days has been my life's main agenda at this time. Though I have truck loads to share with you all but struggling to find some time....

With that being said, this one I cannot wait to share... As summer is approaching fast and so are the thoughts of how to spend our summers...While I was trying to decide on what my family wants to do this summer while kids will be on their LONG summer break, here is what I stumbled upon and fell in love with it.... I should say - what's not to love about this place... From its farmhouse style, to its charming decor, to its lush gardens, to the breathtaking nature around, and to be away from the hustle of big towns. This is my definition of Paradise and kind of place I would want to retire and pursue my passion for Art, Gardening and Pottery.

On a hill, overlooking the jungle-covered contours of Southern Sri Lanka, with easy reach of a coastline of stunning soft sand beaches this is Satori Villa !

These long columns, long tiled front porch with high ceiling reminds me of my grandparent's place where I used to spend my summers growing up.

Simple yet Elegant interiors with single focal points.

Here are some of the perfect definitions of outdoor living....
Be it an outdoor bedroom,
Outdoor study or an outdoor bath
or an outdoor sitting with inbuilt benches..

This cute little hut tucked away in the backyard of this Villa is my absolute favorite,
I can dream about using this as my isolated Yoga spot or
Use it as my pottery haven or
Could be an gardening hut with my gardening bench and tools or
My art studio.
Well.. This could be all in one!

In the end I cannot walk away without showing nature around this Villa.

Mindblowing.. isn't it? I am completely sold, what about you?

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We had a Memorial day long weekend here in USA and on top of that I took an extra day off today, which I plan to spend on pampering myself:). I have long list planned, starting with a long run and gathering some wild flowers on my way back, catching up on my favorite blogs, catching up with what's new in local gardening nurseries, cooking a healthy hot snack for my kids when they get back from school. Long list and let me see how much of it I can get to...

Hope you all had a great start of your week!

See you all next time..