Sunday, May 4, 2014

Something Bright

I am die hard admirer of color "White" . Now my kids will say... "Mom... white is not even a color!!!". That is absolutely right, but whatever "white" is.. I am all about it. But I do agree with the fact that there is no decor without color. Too much of too many colors can spoil your decor, so selecting right colors is very important for your decor.

With that being said, today I want to share some spaces which shows how one color added to your space can bright up your otherwise plane or rustic space??

Bright colors on these doors has given life to these rustic doorways/walkways

Shades of light blue is doing magic for this country style morning room!
These colorful fireplaces are definitely center of attraction for these rooms...

Shades of purples are stealing the attraction here...

Well..Well.. My absolute favorites are.. This Courtyard and Sun room with the yellow accents..

Here's a toast to my dear readers and wishing you all a bright beginning of a new week!

Picture Credits: here , Compiled and Presented by RangKatha!