Sunday, November 16, 2014

Fall Fantasy.. In love with the Autumn colors!

Hello my dear readers...

Imagine this... crisp breezy air, a skyline with multiple shades of blue, and landscapes painted with vibrant shades of yellows, reds, oranges and golds!

That sound out of this world! isn't it? Today's post is all about that!

Ah, ha! Yes, it is about Autumn!

I have been away from you all for some time..... With busy summers - vacations, travelling, kids and all their summer activities.. besides all this, this year my summers were also busy because of months and months of packing, getting our old house ready for keeping in the market for renting, moving and then unpacking, all in the midst of Summer, Navratri and Diwali. Now with all that craziness behind me ( Well.. not really.. I am not done unpacking yet, which I have decided to take it slow) and still leaving couple more weeks before getting busy with Thanksgiving, Christmas and NewYear.... Now is definitely the downtime I am enjoying. This time of the year I like to be busy doing what I love the most - Admiring colorful canvas of nature around me. I have been enjoying nature and its colorful palette of Autumn.

Each year in Autumn, mostly between mid Oct to mid of Nov we visit Great Smoky Mountains National Park to admire these beautiful colors of leaves just before they fall off for winter. This year we couldn't visit Smokies but season in and around where we live was more than magnificent and has made up to us. We have enjoyed beautiful, colorful and surprisingly long and absolutely perfect Autumn this year!

Here is my attempt to capture this beauty from within/around my home and neighbourhood, from peak leaf season with some landscapes resembling rich fabric tones of gold, rust and deep red with occasional oranges and yellows to the past peak showing some of bare branches and dried and fallen leaves.

Some captures around our neighbourhood.

With every tree dressed up as beautiful as a bride and every leaf with a different color to portray- Indeed "Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower."

White building in the picture below is a Baptist Church Founded in 1870 and is one of the oldest historic churches of the town.

These shots below are from the remains of the old convenience store built in 1800 which is still standing and now being used as Nursery.

Conserved wetlands around our neighborhood!
With all the construction going on, not much of wetland is remaining.
I am so glad this one is protected under conservation laws.

Some captures of Autumn from within and outside of our home!

Views from these windows are my absolute favorite part of my home.
I really do have second thoughts on covering any of these windows!

These dried fallen leaves not only add versatile beauty to your landscape, but can also add fun to your playtime !

PC: All pictures are taken by me and are property of Rangkatha. Subject to copyright. Please do not use them.

~ Prasanna