Monday, March 3, 2014

Treasure Hunt Series - I

I have weakness for artifacts and cannot stop myself from collecting things which fascinates me .. Now that i have you all, my wonderful readers to share my collections with, I thought of coming up with this series so i can bring my little treasure hunts to you.

During last week i stumped upon this little online boutique DreamCanvas and found couple of lovely artifacts( Vintage Vase in white metal and a Brass fish shaped soap box). Best thing about these finds are that I instantly got connected with them and was sure they would bring charm into my home which are sure to create stories of their own.

First find- Hand crafted vintage vase (Lassi Glass) Adoring a corner of my house along with my adorable Nandi(Carved in Black Granite)

Second - Fish shaped soap dish, made in brass, adding glamour to this corner of my house!

And together the charm they are creating is amazing!

During my last trip to India couple of years back I found this Jewellery Box (one on the top) on one of Delhi's street markets. My husband said, don't you think you can find this anywhere then why to carry it all the way from here? Then I couldn't explain the instant connection I felt with this Jewellery box (besides the fact that I can never have enough of Jewellery boxes). Every time I looked at it I always wished that I could have grabbed one more. Almost 2 years later I found a Jewellery box with the same pattern, here in USA. Now i feel that this combination is complete. What do you say??

Hope you will enjoy this new series..
Until i see you next time, have a wonderful week!

Images: Taken in my house and are property of Rangkatha. Subject to copyright, please do not use without prior written permission.