Monday, February 24, 2014

Aroma in Air!!

With this extended cold weather i am kind of counting days as to when i can see my garden go alive again. I am a garden freak! Anyone who walks by my house knows that i spend majority of my Springs/Summers/Autumns in my yard than inside my house. My favorite shopping stops during these seasons are local nurseries. I survive on them, even if i am not buying anything i have to make these visits to local nurseries to rejuvenate myself. With winter, as harsh as it is in the place i live, i can't help but end up bringing a part of my yard(mostly my tropicals) inside my house. Greens in my house helps me to unwrap and relax.

Cold weather can take a toll on your garden so why not bring it inside! But Herbs are something which need no reason to bring or grow inside.

Indoor herb gardening is a great alternative to shopping for herbs at your local grocery store and of course no question that aroma it can bring into your house can cheer you up!

Key elements of a successful indoor herb garden requires each herb to be planted in their own pot, adding crushed eggshells to organic dirt and never over watering your herbs (most require much less than a typical houseplant).Top best herbs to grow indoors are Mint, Cilantro, Oregano, Thyme, Rosemary,Basil, Chives and Parsley. Keep your herbs in a well- lit area and they will be sure to flourish!

While mentioning about herbs i have to make a mention about herbs very close to my heart and they are - Curry Leaves and Tulsi(Holi Basil)!! Growing up in South India i can say that you will hardly find a house which will not carry these herb plants. I don't want to say much about Tulsi and Curry leaves here at this time because they deserve dedicated posts for themselves.
What's not to LOVE about these pretty ways of growing herbs right in your kitchen! So pretty, simple, accessible and efficient! and above all the Aroma that will linger around your kitchen and house is worth all your efforts...

What do you think about these different ways to grow herb gardens? I have always grown my herb garden in clay pots. (Ofcourse .. you know my love for clay pots). Did you pick your favorite way to grow herbs in your kitchen this season? Well.. I have picked mine. Its not clay pots this time. I really loved the way they are grown in those recyclable tin containers, doesn't it have a charm of its own! I was going to try this, so sharing this Do-It-Yourself idea from my kitchen to yours..

Jump start your growing season by starting your herb garden in recycled cans. Place the cans on a tray to catch drips and position in front of a sunny window or on a windowsill.

Here’s what you’ll need:
•Tin can
•Large nails to make holes in bottom of each tin for drainage
•Herb plants
•Small bag of potting soil
•Small stones to put into bottom of cans
•Clear plastic pot saucers or small odd saucers to catch water

To Do:
1.Turn clean and dry can upside down and make a few holes in the bottom using a nail or awl and hammer.
2.With tin right side up, place a few stones or rocks into bottom of tin can and then add some potting soil leaving enough room for plant. Add plant to tin and press gently. Add more soil around plant if needed.
3.Line tin cans up in sunny window with drainage saucers underneath and water regularly. Now, It’s time to enjoy cooking with herbs all year round! You will have a handy source of fresh herbs in your kitchen all season long!

Photo Credits: Garden Mags

Have a wonderful spring this year ... Enjoy it and share your spring pictures with me!