Saturday, July 25, 2015

Heavenly Hydrangeas ~ Limelight it is...

Its Limelite time...

You constantly have heard plenty from me over the past year about my gardens and saw me sharing many garden posts ... and all are close to my heart! All I can say is that I am crazy about my garden. After moving, I have terribly missed my previous garden this summer. It's not possible to get my thoughts out of my first love, not easy to let go of my matured garden which took years to grow...

But then it did gave me a chance to do it all over again.... which I am definitely exited about. As we roll into mid summers in my part of the world I would like to bring to you a glimpse of my new garden with Limelite Hydrangea...

Hydrangea - My newly acquired love . I have never known or seen Hydrangeas growing up in India. But since the first time I saw them in United States, they have been on my top 5 list. Not only as appealing garden plants but also as cut flowers.
It's never been easy to grow them. I realized that there are so many varieties of hydrangea's each of these have different habitats. Some like sun , some hate it, some like it moist and others like it dry. Some need alkaline soil and some acidic. Some bloom on old twigs and some on new. Some are repeat bloomers and some bloom once a year.. PHEW... How am I even going to track all this and cultivate them ..
In my attempt to bring this love into my garden I have tried for years to cultivate Hydrangeas but was never really successful.. I would adore them in others gardens but was never successful growing in mine.

With new garden to raise I was so sure that I wanted at least one tree Hydrangea and it has to be white blooms. You know my love for green and white combo! Searched for it in all of our local nurseries and I found one almost at the end of fall last year. This was with its fall look about to shed all its leaves and was the only tree left in almost all of our local nurseries I searched. They were not selling it for less either. Nursery owner said, Tree Hydrangeas are not easy to find so there was no way he would throw in discount. Now do I get it or not... With my failing track record of raising Hydrangea I was wondering if I should even dare to buy this tree which looks half dead... well after mulling over it I decided to go with it and I am so happy I did.
I left it in the planter for whole of the winter as I was not able to decide on the location. Planted early spring this year, which was not the best decision considering harsh summer we had this year.

Now its mid Summer.. and how beautiful my Limelite Tree Hydrangea stands in my front yard with full of blooms makes me so proud and happy!
What do you all think??

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