Thursday, January 30, 2014

Splash on White..

I get flown away with inspirations all the time, one of those inspirations which I want to share today comes from one of fabulous creations of nature - Snow, which I could not stop myself from sharing with my RangKatha audience.

Looking at, almost first snow of this winter this year in the part of the world I reside, I realized how beautiful Color White can be... and that is my inspiration of this post - Splash on white... Most of us (including me) would want different colors in our house. First thing after we acquire a house is think about what you want to paint your walls with.. which color, may be multicolor if possible ?? I am sure you would change your thinking after you see these amazing spaces.... . Ok, I will now stop talking and let you enjoy browsing these spaces. One last thing I want to say before I step back is for you to take a step back and see what a beautiful spaces white walls could offer you...

What do you say??? Breathtaking .. isn't it.. White really gives you free hand in terms of what you can splash agaist your walls, be it a colored furniture or colored fabrics or for that matter any colored accents.... You don't have to think even for a sec on what would go with your white walls..
Everything goes with white.. That is magic of white...Don't you agree?

Images: From Pinterest and Decor Mags.

Until I see you next time.. have a life as beautiful and pure as white..