Monday, March 10, 2014

Bougainvillea Beauty!

Thought of Bougainvillea ... takes me back to memory lanes of my Grandparents place which holds a very special place in my heart! As a child i have visited their village every summer holidays and the time i have spent at my Grandparents village with my cousins and other relatives is memorable in every way. There are one too many memories of mine attached to that village and one of them is that of Bougainvillea ..

Besides lush green landscapes of paddy fields which you cannot miss, there is another color that you will prominently notice, that is Red! Red of Bougainvillea, creeping not just in the courtyards of almost every house in that village but also along side of dirt roads leading in and out of that village. Sight of these colors was the first sign of warmth I would feel of that place.

Bougainvillea is a genus of thorny ornamental vine, which can be trained as bush, tree or bonsai, which has flower-like spring leaves of various colors near its actual flowers which are white. There are about 18 species of this flowering creepers. Bougainvillea are native plants of South America, from Brazil, west to Perú and south to southern Argentina . But you will see that it has very well adopted to any tropical landscape. The species of bougainvillea are very low maintenance, in terms of tolerance to drought, pollution, and is also almost pests free.

As tired as I am of this prolonged cold weather this year and as I eagerly wait for spring, recollecting some of my profound memories of one of my favourite colors of life... Bougainvilla! As i recollect this beauty, I would like to bring to you some snapshots of what a magic this species of flora can create to your landscapes and homescapes !

Beauty and Magic of Bougainvillea........... Magic that it creates throughout the year with its beautiful blooms...

Bougainvillea throwing its beauty @Kajuraho Monuments

Beauty captured in water colors!

Some of centerpieces ideas with Bougainvilleas!

Images Credit: Source is Google Images and Compiled by Rangkatha.

As you all are about to start a new week, RangKatha wishes you all a Colorful Week......


  1. Very pretty! I love bougainvilleas too! Used to have the a bush with the dark pink flowers at my parents' home in Bangalore.

    1. Welcome to RangKatha Reshma! Thank you for sharing your love.. always nice to hear from like minded people:)